Airedales As Art by SJ Merwin

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Playful Aire - Airedale Terrier Art - Sandra Merwin

Playful Aire - Airedale Terrier Art
Playful Aire - Airedale Terrier Art, painting by Sandra Merwin

About This Painting:
If a mark of intelligence is the ability to laugh and play, then the Airedale has higher intelligence than some humans. This Airedale has taught his owner a fairly complicated game of Pine Cone. As I understand it the first step is to find the perfect pine cone for the game. After this task is completed, the pine cone can be hidden, tossed, chased, and tugged on - but it cannot be ignored. Ignoring the pine cone brings penalties of sharp barks and a few paw swipes.

Media: Acrylic on Hand Streched Canvas
Size: 14 in X 14 in (35.6 cm X 35.6 cm)

How to Purchase:
This painting is sold

10% donation to the National Airedale Rescue.


ALA said...

I love this painting! Do you do prints at all?? I'm in grad school, so I can't afford originals. I was raised with Airedales, my sister now has 2, and I plan to adopt a rescue Welshie when I graduate. Your artwork is fantastic - thanks so much for posting the blog :o)

Sandra Merwin said...

Yes, I do print of some of the Airedale Terrier Art. Thank you for your comments.